Experiment. Reduce. Refine.

Year: 2017

Client: Adept Architects

Kofoeds Skole

Visual identity for the non-profit humanitarian organization Kofoed's School.

Year: 2017

Client: Kofoeds Skole

Parking house Lüders

Signage design for Parking house Lüders.

Year: 2016

Client: By & Havn


Visual identity for furniture and interior wholesale.

Year: 2016

Client: Kapitel2


Logodesign for Kompostbudene (The Compost Service).

Year: 2016

Client: Miljøpunkt Amager


Kantara means bridge in arabic. Design of logo, signage and wall decorations/supergraphics for RCYN.

Year: 2015

Client: RCYN


Visual identity and print for public library in Copenhagen NV.

Year: 2011

Client: City of Copenhagen

COBE Architects

Simpel and strong modular design line for COBE Architects.

Year: 2010

Client: COBE Architects

MEE Studio

Visual identity for architect Morten Engel, MEE Studio.

Year: 2013

Client: Morten Engel

jaja Architects

Visual identity designed for jaja Architects.

Year: 2011

Client: jaja Architects

Husum School

Design of logo and laser cut steel signage for Husum School. 

Year: 2011

Client: City of Copenhagen