View of atrium space with decorated wall

Freja Ejendomme

Environmental graphics, Identity, Signage

Thomas Frederiksen
Stefan Mylleager

Hangar 3

Rama Studio has designed a decoration, logo and signage for Hangar 3 at Værløse Airfield. The former military hangar has been elegantly renovated and transformed into a communal house by Freja Ejendomme in collaboration with Steenberg Architects. The decoration marks this transformation with a powerful graphic expression in line with the architecture and inspired by visual elements from the history of the airfield. Particularly the painted lines on the runways and the echoes of the roaring airplanes have been used as inspiration for a site specific design, that enrich the raw communal house with a decorative and historic layer.

Hangar 3 logo
The graphic decoration hanpainted on wall.
Signpainting by Lauridsen Skilte
Detail of painted graphics on wall, with green plants in the foreground.
Graphic decoration on windows.
Wayshowing sign on entrance wall.
Graphic decoration on windows.

The graphic elements continues out side the building as decorative and directional lines on the ground.

View of atrium space with decorated wall