Trifolium neon sign on building roof.

Sjatox ApS

Identity, Signage, Wayfinding

Thomas Frederiksen


Trifolium is a 13,000 kmĀ² creative hub in Copenhagen's southern port. Previously, Trifolium was Copenhagen's largest dairy. Rama Studio has designed Trifolium's new visual identity to mark this transformation. The design is inspired by the dairy packaging design, the industrial building from the 1960s, as well as an original facade sign.

The design is inspired by old Trifolium dairy packaging, letters from the original roof sign and the blue details of the industrial building.

Historic dairy product packaging.
Rusty sign letters from historic roof sign.

Redesigned roof sign, with new wavy twist that marks Trifoliums new function.

Three large flags with vertical Trifolium logo graphics on a cloudy sky
Large scale wayshowing sign on building.

To mark the new function of the building and to ensure a functional and eye-catching wayfinding design that works in the rustic and industrial context, large areas of the building's facades are painted in a characteristic blue color on which simple and distinctive signs are mounted. The blue surfaces integrate the signage into the architecture, with a signal that new life has been breathed into the old concrete buildings.

Large scale wayshowing sign on building.
Front and back of design for promotion folder for Trifolium Event Space.
Wayshowing sign for Trifolium Event Space.

Trifolium is located in the Copenhagen's South Harbor, which is a special and diverse area. As a playful addition to the logo, the area is interpreted in an atmospheric line drawing, that functions as a sitespecific graphic element.

Several Trifolium business cards with logo and illustration.
Wayshowing you-are-here sign.
Wayshowing sign detail showing 3D logo.
Trifolium main entrance marked with neon roof sign.
Overhang signs on concrete facade.

Supergraphics for office phone booths, inspired by old Trifolium dairy packaging.

Photo of old sign-letters as wall decoration in event space.

The letters from the original roof sign used as a rustic wall decoration in Trifolium's event space.

Night view of lit neon roof sign.