Kofoeds Skole

Identity, Signage

Rasmus Hjortshøj / Coast Studio
Thomas Frederiksen

Kofoeds Skole

Rama Studio has designed a visual identity for Kofoed’s School, a non-profit organization helping unemployed and socially vulnerable people. The logo concept is based on the school’s wish to put people at the center and communicate openness and respect. A smiling face is integrated into the type and creates a simple and recognizable logo. The geometric building blocks from the logo’s type are used to create a series of modular graphical faces and icons combinable in endless ways. The faces create a strong and highly recognizable element, with a high degree of flexibility and a clear reference to the school’s diverse students.

Winner, Danish Design Award 2019

Kofoeds Skole typographic logo.

The main focus for Kofoed's School is working with people – putting people at the center.

Graphic elements illustrating the diversity of the school's users.
Guy working at the school's car repair shop.
Two persons working at the school's bike repair shop.
Kofoeds Skole printed publication.
Kofoeds Skole printed publication.
Three business cards with graphic elements.
Three Kofoeds Skole postcards with logo-graphics.
Kofoeds Skole totebag.

A central part of the identity is the signage design. The light signs on the facade underlines the school's new strategy – becoming a open and inviting part of the local community.

Kofoeds Skole neon sign at night time.
Night-time shot of illuminated shop sign.
Night time view of the bike repair shop with illuminated sign.
Kofoeds Skole shop facade with crowd of visiting people.