5 moon-inspired graphic decorations.

City of Copenhagen

Environmental graphics, Signage, Identity

David Stjernholm


Environmental graphics for Natcaféen (The Night Café) – a part of a hostel for homeless people called Sundholm in Copenhagen. The design draws inspiration in a night-theme and consists of a big neon moon, a light sign with the text “Natcaféen” and a series of graphic moon illustrations painted on the wall in the café. The idea is to create a welcoming atmosphere for the vulnerable citizens.

Rama Studio_Sundholm_001_Photo by David Stjernholm

The large neon moon lights up during the café's opening hours and function as a visual link between the inside / the night café's safe surroundings and the outside / the city streets, which are the primary home of many of the guests.

Natcaféen interior.
Neon moon close-up.
Natcaféen interior in daytime.
Natcaféen interior with light-sign.
3D drawing of sign construction.

The sign is more than a decorative light source. Sound boards mounted behind the perforated plywood, makes the sign a sound-absorbing element that improves the acoustic qualities of the room.


Rama Studio_Sundholm_020_Photo by David Stjernholm
Green plants in front of light-sign.