Illustration of large scale facade signage.

By & Havn

Identity, Signage, Wayfinding

Rasmus Hjortshøj / Coast Studio
Thomas Frederiksen

Parking house Lüders


Rama Studio has developed a complete design for the Parking House Lüders. The building's logo illustrates the unusual mix of parking and sports facilities, and a large sculptural sign at the base elaborates on the facilities of the roof and points to the stairs. Visitors to the roofs are guided by a large supergraphic in the pavement and a range of instructional signs giving easy instructions for a variety of possible exercises. Rama Studio also designed the frieze for the building.

The building is designed by jaja architects.

Finalist, Årets Arne 2017
Finalist, Mipim Award 2017
Nominee, EU Mies Award 2017 
Winner, Danish Design Award 2020

Parking house large scale facade signage.
Customized type for stair steps.
Customized type for stair steps.
Parking house level signage.

In addition to floor numbers in white metal, at the doors along the stair, a set of super graphic floor numbers were integrated into the concrete stair steps.

Sign with stair exercise instruction graphics.
Parking house roof top view.
Roof top excersise sign.
Roof top excersise sign.
Parking house roof top view with painted graphics on the ground.
Parking house roof top view.